An Alarming Scenario

Despite seeking justice is our fundamental right, it is denied to us by long delays. On an average it takes 15-20 years for criminal cases and 25-30 years in civil cases in lower courts.

We have now only 13 judges per million populations but with 40% vacancy, actual judges are only 8 Judges per million population against 41 in Australia, 51 in Britain, 75 in Canada and 107 in United States of America.

Supreme Court of India in a PIL, All India Judges Assn Vs Union of India (2002) 4 SCC 247, Supreme Court of India has directed the Union of India and the States in March 2002, to increase the judges strength from 10.5 to 50 judges per million populations by March 2007. But this order is not implemented even after 11 years confirms lack of interest of the Government.