About us

Forum for Fast Justice (for short Forum) founded in the year 2008 by Sri Bhagvanjibhai Raiyani and few others is a national level NGO, registered under Trust Act having its registered office at Vile Parle (W) Mumbai 400 056. We aim to ensure that a time bound fast justice delivery system is established at the earliest which is also affordable to the poor. We also create mass awareness all over the country by educating people about their rights, organizing seminars, workshops, conferences and convention and also file Public Interest Litigations in larger public interest.


How we work

We work throughout the nation forming Societies for Fast Justice (for short Societies) at districts and state. Presently there are about 140 such societies spread across 25 states in India. We look forward to spread our wings at all the districts of the country within next few years, for which we can work with likeminded individuals and NGOs in this field.

For a list of Societies, please click here


Right to Seek Justice

Framers of the Constitution of India have given us one of the best constitutions of the world. Seeking Justice and specifically speedy dispensation of justice is a constitutional and fundamental right of citizens of India. This is meant to be guaranteed by State under Articles 21, 14, 19, 32, 226, and the Preamble of the Constitution of India. It is also a constitutional obligation of State under article 39A.


Who benefits from our snail paced justice delivery system?

The slow justice delivery system suits the best to the Mafias, habitual law breakers, corrupt and criminals as they are confident that they will never be punished in their lifetime by playing with the law.

Our Law makers are not discharging their duties honestly as 34% of our Hon'ble Member of Parliaments (Law Makers) are law breakers themselves, having criminal cases on them as per their own affidavit filed before the Election Commission of India.


Our Appeal

We breathe in Independent India because of huge sacrifices made by our freedom fighters. Many brave hearts took bullets on their chests; many got hanged to death to break shackles of slavery put on us by British rule.

Mahatma Gandhi also taught us how to get rid of injustice of British rule by non violence movement in which he was also joined by many leading advocates of that time. Farmers and agriculture workers came out on streets demanding freedom and stood rock solid as
backbone of our freedom struggle are let down to such an extent that they prefer to commit suicide in a hopeless situation. DREAMS of our freedom fighters lies shattered.

Unemployment is also at its peak in which poor unemployed youth are exploited as poorly paid contract workers despite our Supreme Court has ordered for Equal Work - Equal Pay. But this order is largely on papers due to closed eyes and ears of those officials in the labour commissioner offices.

Constitution of India speaks of Equality for all but no one in the corridors of power appear to be bothered at growing economic inequality, as 1% of our population owns 73% of assets. This is the result of unholy nexus of the corrupt politicians with spineless politicians and greedy corporate. We the people are not in the lists of priority.

WISDOM shown by framers of Constitution of India lies shattered in front of our eyes but we remain silent. Are we not responsible for better future of our coming generations? It is time to act and act now.

FORUM invites you to be a part of the larger national movement to save judiciary to save nation. We cannot remain silent spectator to the shattering dreams of our freedom fighters and framers of the Constitution of India who have given us the right to seek
justice as our premier fundamental right denied to us by successive governments since almost seven decades of our gaining independence.


Our Publications

FORUM FOR FAST JUSTICE used to publish "NYAY DISHA" our quarterly in-house journal which was sent to Hon'ble President, Hon'ble Vice- President, Hon'ble Prime Minister, Hon'ble Union Law Minister, Hon'ble Chief Justice of India, all Judges in Supreme Court of India, all Chief Justices and all justices in all the High Courts, all Hon'ble Members of Parliament both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha.

Presently, NYAY DISHA, keeping in line with Digital India campaign, has gone digital which is being handled by the National Federation of Societies for Fast Justice having its registered office at New Delhi.

FORUM also publishes souvenirs that contains articles, statistics, reports, Activities, photos and write up etc. at its annual national conventions, known as NATCON

Forum also publishes from time to time Brochures, Folders etc with details and statistics of our Justice Delivery System to create awareness of the masses.