PIL No. 902 of 1993

PIL No. 902 of 1993 filed in the Bombay High Court on malpractices in Junior College admissions.


PIL No.770 of 1999

A PIL No.770 of 1999 filed against the illegal deal between the Maharashtra Govt. and a builder for reducing the Goregaon Court Complex area from over one lac sq.ft. to fifty thousand sq.ft.


PIL 6567 of 1999

PIL 6567 of 1999 filed against the Municipal Corporation of Pune, Ulhasnagar & Kalyan-Dombivli on large scale corruption and ordering actions against corrupt corporators and officials.


PIL 328 of 2000

PIL 328 of 2000 filed against state of Maharashtra for allotting major construction contracts only to one Construction Co. of Pune every year.


Educational PILs



1. In March, 1996 S.S.C.E. papers were leaked on mass scale. The then Forum President. Bhagvanji Raiyani and ten others filed a writ petition.

2. In a Forum's PIL No.6070 of '96 the Hon'ble Court ordered India Cultural League College, Vashi, Navi Mumbai to refund Rs.2945450 in aggregate to the students which was taken as donations against admissions.

3. In a PIL No 876 of '96 some institutions had challenged University's Scheme of Centralised admissions. Forum intervened in favour of the Mumbai University.



4. Chief Minister's permission to commence Rizvi Engineering College was stayed against Forum's PIL No.341 of '97 for two years till proper facilities were created.

5. PIL No.475 of '97 filed against seven city colleges for malpractices in Standard XI admissions.

6. Forum filed a PIL in 1997 to quash the interviews against the impugned advertisement by the Bombay University for the appointment of the Registrar ignoring the claim of the most eligible and perfectly qualified and seniormost serving Dy.Registrar for the promotion.



7. A PIL of 1998 was filed against Central Organisation For Modernisation Of Workshops (COFMOW) against its rupees 10 crores purchase order of substandard CNC (computer numerical) Trainer Lathes and Mills for installations at the workshops of various polytechnics across the country. This was a world Bank aided project. In March 1996 the global tenders were issued for buying these machines which can work upto 50 degree celsius temperature. The bids were received from foreign and Indian companies. However in Nov. '96 the above bids were cancelled and fresh bids were invited with lower requirement of temperature bearing capacity of the machines upto maximum 40 degree celsius. The contract was given to one DENFORD Ltd., a U.K. based company which required payment in foreign exchange. Forum objected to this contract and wrote to stop the transaction stating that the machines in most polytechnics would be useless as the highest temperatures crossed 45 degree celsius. Not finding a favourable response Forum filed the PIL No. 583 of 1998 in the Bombay
High Court.

8. The Forum withdrew the said PIL No.583 of '98 from the Bombay High Court and filed one bearing No.2353 of 1998 in the Delhi High Court.

9. On Forum's PIL No.1035 of '98 court made 75% attendance in schools and colleges compulsory and banned school and college teachers from teaching in coaching classes.

10. The order in the said PIL No.1035 of '98 not fully implemented, hence Forum filed one more PIL No. 2871 of '99. Court appointed University committee report submitted.

11. A further petition no.902 of '98 against the malpractices in Junior College admissions.

12. Forum filed a PIL No.3495 of 1998 in the Bombay High Court against the state government violating its own rule for the recruitment of teachers qualified only in the NET (National Eligibility Test) and SET (State Eligibility Test). Even though NET-SET candidates were available, non NET-SET teachers were recruited in degree colleges.

13. A petition no.1139 of '98 was filed by Forum for the state to monitor the establishment and running of Engineering and Medical Colleges strictly as per norms nececitating with proper infrastructure and qualified staff.



14. Against the four-time postponement of the implementation of pre-school admission Act and then scrapping it altogether by the Government, the Forum filed a PIL No.2752 of '99 for granting admissions on preference in Schools to students staying in the vicinity, neighbourhood, without donations & deposits and reservation of 50% seats to minority institutions all based on a Supreme Court judgement.

15. Forum in PIL No.2298 of '99 prayed for making Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) compulsory in all schools of Maharashtra and give PTA the right of management in selected areas.

16. The Government and most schools ignored the said order in PIL 2298 and Forum again had to go to the court and filed a PIL No. 2870 of '99.

17 & 18. Forum flied a PIL No.614 of '99 against New Era School. Pedder Road and St.Mary's School, Malad for illegal collection of capitation fees. Another writ being no.1679 of '99 was filed against St.Infant Jesus School for the same reasons.

19. Forum located 140 illegal schools in Mumbai and Thane. PIL No.2088 of '99 was filed.



20. Unauthorised permission of two engineering colleges in Mumbai was challenged by Forum through PIL No.112 of '2000.

21. Action of three management colleges to admit additional 30 students as late as January, 2000 was challenged by Forum in PIL No.113 of 2000.

22. A PIL No.2666 of '2000 filed against the rampant corruption and capitation fees in NRI quota in the Medical and Engineering admissions.

23. Forum filed a PIL No.1328 of '2000 for removing Shri Augustine Pinto as Sheriff and taking action against him and his trusts for educational malpractices.

24. Forum has filed a PIL No.1245 of '2000 against five Mumhai Schools for taking donations against admissions and other non-prescribed fees.

25. A PIL No.2108 of '2000 was filed by Forum for improving facilities in Municipal Schools.

26. A PIL No.2168 of '2000 filed against the maladministration and corruption in the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (India).



27. A PIL No.57 of '2001 was filed against Borivli Education Society for rampant mal-practices in finance, academics and administration and for transfer of management.

28. A PIL No.58 of '2001 was filed to limit the students strength in class rooms for improving the quality of education.

29. A PIL No.550 of '2001 was filed for quashing the improper Maharashtra Right to Inforniation Act, 2000 and for innovating Union Govt. 's the Freedom of Information Bill, 1997.

30. A PIL No.551 of '2001 was filed for compliance by schools to conduct extra classes for weak students as required U.S. 40 of Secondary School Code.

31. Not satisfied, Forum filed an appeal in the Supreme Court being C.C.No.6952 of 2001.

32. Forum filed a PIL No. 168 of 2001 in the Supreme Court for directing the Bombay High Court to take up the Public Interest Litigations (PILs) for hearing on priority basis.

33. PIL No.89 of 2001 filed in August 2001 against State, Mumbai University, UGC, BUCTU and NKT Commerce College, Thane for permitting 170 students per class in NKT College against the UGC rule of 80 students.

Forum filed one more PIL No.405 of 2001 directly in the Supreme Court to stop the introduction of the subjects of the Astrology and Karmakand in the Universities.

Inspite of the court order for the actions against New Era, St.Mary's and St. Jesus School in PIL 614 of '99 and 1679 of '99 the Maharashtra Government didn't initiate any actions. Forum's appeals in person and in writing for actions fell on deat ears. In an unprecedented move Forum, in April 2001 filed a contempt petition no.43 of 2001 against three officers of the Dept. of School Education in Munibai viz Mr.Desale. Dy.Director of Education. Mr.Chavan. Education Officer, North Zone and MS Basanti Roy Education Inspector South Zone for the failure in implementing the court order.



34. A Review Petition No.4 of 2002 in PIL No.89 as above was filed by Forum.


1 - 10

1. TDR (Transfer of Development Rights) banned between S.V.Road and Western Express Highway as well as Lal Bahadur Shastri Road and Eastern Express Highway. Dismissed. Supreme Court admitted appeal. Pending.

2. Demolition of 1300 illegael temples, mosques, crosses, gurudwaras and Baudh Vihars on the roads and footpaths of Mumbai through an order in PIL No. 2063 of 2002.

3. Politician's unpaid advertisements and hoardings on the public properties were removed by court order. They have reappeared. Janhit Manch have moved the court again.

4. to 6.Review Petition against the order of the High Court in illegal hoardings, withdrawn on court's advice to file fresh w.p. which was filed. Order pronounced but without teeth. Again Review filed, which was disposed of. One more filed on the same issue in Navi Mumbai.

7. Against Candian faith healer Clive Harris, since fled. Clive's sponsors were raided, accounts frozen and their concerned officers arrested.

8. Against proposed Gymkhana exclusively for MLAs & MPs by the government on a 23000 Sq.Mts plot at Cuffe Parade.

9. Against dereservation of 7 acress land reserved for Jeejamata Zoo expansian in favour of Mafatlal Industries.

10. Against J.J. Hospital Doctors sheltering criminals.


11 - 20

11. Against immersion of Ganpati, Durga and Tajia in natural streams, throwing half burnt bodies in Ganga and other rivers and industrial affluent causing water pollution.

12. Against Rs.250 crores annual subsidy by the Central Government for Haj Pilgrimage and also to the Kailash Mansarovar Yatris by Gujarat, Delhi and U.P. Government in a secular nation.

13. Newspaper ads by politicians mainly for self and party publicity by the state and central governments at the public expense.

14. On clearing thousands of illegal encroachments from public roads. and filed again

15. Nepotism, corruption and arbitrariness in naming and renaming of the municipal roads, chowks and other amenity spaces.

16. On restoration, preservation and management of Mumbai's Mandpeshwar, Kanheri, Vajreshwari and Mahakali Caves. Court ordered to demolish structures within 100 metres of monuments.

17. Petition filed in the Bombay High Court against MPs and MLAs not attending the sessions and frequently resorting to walkouts for cutting off their salaries and allowance for the time of absenteeism dismissed by the High Court. Appealed in the Supreme Court.

18. Against the Union, State and Film Sensor Board for banning the screening of horror films and serials.

19. Against noise pollution. Bombay High Court Judgement based on August, 2005 S.C. Judgement.

20. Petition against Potholed roads.


21 - 30

21. Removing tabelas (buffalo sheds) outside of Mumbai Metropolitan Region. Govt.

22. Against hundreds of deaths annually and the annual loss of about Rs.2000 crores in taxes in the state due to consumption of illicit liquor manufactured in illegal dens.

23. Against corruption in municipal contracts.

24. Against malfunctioning of Charity Commissioner's Office.

25. For closing down/restructuring the loss making Public Sector undertakings (PSUs) of Maharashtra.

26. On quadrupling Borivli-Virar Railway tracks.

27. Against appointments of Chief Information Commissioners and Information Commissions in violation of the provisions under Right to Information Act, 2005.

28. Restraining the debtor state to construct one more Shivaji memorial at the cost of Rs.100 crore from public fund.

29. Ageinst CIDCO and Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation for illegality and arbitrariness in granting development permissions.

30. Against Maharashtra State and BMC on lack of quality and number of guards, facilities and equipments to protect the lives of swimmers on the beaches.


31 - 40

31. Against Illegal sand dredging in Navi Mumbai, under the patronage of politicians.

32. Against Unlimited and exorbitant medical bills reimbursed by the state to MLAs and MLCs.

33. Clearing footpaths and roads from illegal shops and Zunka Bhakar Stalls.

34. Against slum encroachments on and around 70 km. of 160 km. water mains of Mumbai.

35. Against Passholders traveling in reserved railway compartments and discrimination in compensation to the relatives of accident victims.

36. Octroi thefts in registering vehicles in non octroi areas.

37.Against irregularities in construction flouting DCR and builders overcharging buyers on falsely enhanced areas.

38. High Court converting Janhit Manch's letter to Chief Justice on Shiv Sena evicting bar girls from their homes in Thane into a PIL.

39. High Court converting Janhit Manch's letter on fake driving licences issued by Mumbai Regional Transport Authorities (RTO) into a PIL.

40. A PIL filed to maintain toilets clean on Mumbai Suburban Train stations and also the Mumbai Municipal Corporation to provide adequate no. of toilets on Mumbai's main roads and slums.


41 - 50

41. A PIL filed in the Supreme Court for enhancing the Judges strength fivefold and creating matching infrastructures in the courts, incl. to make courts work in two shifts for clearing 3.00 crores backlog of cases pending in Indian Courts.

42. A PIL for removing illegal Zunka Bhakar, other food stalls, chemist shops and other shops from the footpath fronting educational institutions and hospitals.

43. A letter to the Chief Justice of the Bombay High Court against inadequate and nonfunctional toilets in Mumbai's municipal schools. The letter converted into PIL.

44. Against the stampedes in the temples, killing hundreds of pilgrims, filed in the Supreme Court.

45. A PIL filed in July 2009 against misuse of subsidy given for suicide affected and Below Powerty Line Vidarbha farmers' families.

46. PIL filed in July 2009 to block pornographic websites. Spoiling young minds.

47. SLP filed in Supreme Court against High Court not banning Ganpati and Durga visarjan.

48. A PIL on illegal sales of flats allotted to National Park slumdwellers in Sangharshanagar, Chandivali, 2009.

49. On illegal constructions, encroachments and arbitrary approval of plans in Andheri Gaothan.

50. A PIL against fraudulent practice of astrology, vastu, feng sui, reiki, numerology, tarot, palmistry, etc.


51 - 60

51. Removing encroachments on Gulmohur Road, Vile Parle (West).

52. PIL filed against illegal political banners and hoardings, praying for prosecution of 11 no. of leading politicians.

53. Control of noise pollution during Ganpati, Durga, Govinda, Navratri and Diwali festivals.

54. Enforcement of Court's earlier judgement in a Janhit Manch PIL for providing adequate number of trained lifeguards on state's beaches with all necessary equipments and ancillaries.

55. One more PIL filed for removing illegal roadside shrines.

56. A contempt petition filed against erring BMC, Government and Police Officers for not prosecuting politicians displaying illegal hoarding on public lands.

57. Against Ministers skipping offices on account of involvement in sports, their charitable trusts activities and party work.

58. Against arbitrary allotments of plot of lands to the ministers institutions located at different locations.

59. Against the poor quality of construction of Lalbaug flyover.

60. Against mismanagement of monitoring vehicle population in Mumbai-Thane with respect to detoriating traffic.


61 onwards

61. Against Nitesh Rane and his father Narayan Rane, Maharashtra Industries Minister for provocative press interviews asking Gujaratis to quit Mumbai who praise Narendra Modi.

62. Review petition filed against Nitesh and Narayan Rane.

63. PIL filed against ministers heading sports organisations at the cost of their duty and office hours impacting the overall sports performance.

64. One more PIL filed for structural audit of Lalbaug Flyover.



Against malpractices in admission in Junior Colleges by Minority management institutions.

One more PIL filed on the irregularities in Junior College admissions.